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Powerful, easy-to-use member management software

Member Management Software


MemberZone and ChamberMaster Member Management Software is powerful and easy-to-use. This cloud based software is designed to manage all the day-to-day operations of your membership organisation. Therefore thousands of people in chambers of commerce and business associations trust ChamberMaster and MemberZone to manage their most important information. Furthermore the software can help promote and grow the communities they serve.

ChamberMaster and MemberZone has all the components and features to save you time and effort. Out customers say that it’s like gaining an extra staff member. You enter the information once, and it updates automatically. Similar to a ripple effect throughout your entire system, and also onto your website. With ChamberMaster and MemberZone member management software you can manage complex tasks with ease.

*Ascendance (Pty) Ltd is the authorised distributor of ChamberMaster and MemberZone member management software for Africa.

ChamberMaster and MemberZone Side-by-Side

Features & Benefits

You will be amazed with ChamberMaster’s robust feature set. Best of all, you can do it all on the go, anytime, anywhere (you can even upgrade to include a Mobile Application for your chamber). You probably want to see what the feature-rich ChamberMaster can do for you? Therefore we highlighted a few key components below. Get tangible chamber and member benefits in one comprehensive member management solution. Finally, if you are looking for a more comprehensive overview you can contact us to schedule a tour.

Features & Benefits

First of all, “MemberZone is a Game Changer” which can maximise the full potential of your association. This powerful member management software reduces the time to manage the day-to-day operations of your association. Maybe it’s time to find a better way. With MemberZone you can do it anytime, anywhere. Get multiple member management benefits in one comprehensive membership solution. You most likely want to see more features which MemberZone offers? Rather than wait, why not contact us for comprehensive overview.

Member Management System

Our member management system is a sophisticated database. The member management software has an easy to use interface that allows you to track and summarise all relevant member data. Adding members and updating their information is a snap. You’ll never lose your member information and you’ll have access to your data anytime, anywhere.

Top five benefits:

  • An online application form, ensures you get new members
  • Member engagement reports highlight the most engaged members or those who are at-risk
  • Manage members’ activity, billing, and contact information in one central database
  • Synchronisation with third party vendors eliminate the need for data entry into different systems
  • Integration with your existing website ensures your online directory, events calendar, and key pages are updates instantly
Custom Reporting

Accurate reports drive your decisions. Gain better insights with an easy-to-read dashboard of your key metrics. We have unparalleled reporting capabilities with multiple built-in reports. Build, customise, update and distribute professional performance reports to all stakeholders in a few clicks. As a result, measuring, exploring and communicating your organisation’s performance has never been this easy.

Custom Reporting Dashboard Reports

Integrated Billing

Billing is usually a big deal. It’s essential to your association’s success. We’ve integrated the entire invoicing process into the member management software. This means no double entry, and saves you time. Journal entry exports or summary entries from ChamberMaster/MemberZone keeps accounting systems in sync.

Top three benefits:

  • Run batch invoices, statements and letters, thereby eliminating manual processes
  • Send invoices electronically from the software and allow members to view and pay online
  • Use at-a-glance reports with advanced filtering for sales, past due payments and more

Integrated Billing Creating an Invoice

Communication and Groups

The Communications and Groups modules make it easy to communicate with different groups within the organisation. Communicate with your board. Organise your members into groups. Set up different regions. Finally use this structure to tailor your different types of communication.

Top benefits:

  • Allow SmartMail to sync with your email program (e.g. Outlook) – emails and replies also are filed under the Member’s Communication log
  • Schedule reminders that appear on your task bar
  • Quickly log calls and notes
  • Create and schedule mass communications
  • Automatically synchronise groups with your Constant Contact or Mail Chimp account to eliminate duplication
  • Set up fee items per group for batch billing
  • Create unlimited blogs on your website, allow commenting and social media sharing buttons
  • Send push notifications that display on the member app

Communication and Groups Log Call and Notes

Events Management

The ChamberMaster and MemberZone Events module is designed to help you navigate every aspect of the event management process. When we say everything, we mean everything, from inviting attendees to tracking registrations to creating invoices.

Top benefits:

  • Set up and assign billing preferences, event fees, promo codes and discounts
  • Send invitations and include RSVP links
  • Track attendees, use online registrations and even accept online payments
  • Create invoices and receive payments for each event
  • Allow members to submit events they wish to add to your public calendar
  • Check-in attendees using the Mobile app
  • Generate revenue by adding sponsors and logos to events
  • Set up automatic discounts based on membership tiers

Events Online Page Example

Marketing your Members

Promoting your members is a significant responsibility. This is especially important and has a direct impact on member retention. We have taken the online member directory to a whole new level.

Basic Listing

  • Every member has their own listing. Visitors to the directory can easily search for your members by category, keywords, location and alphabetical listings. Create category specific search attributes (e.g. price, ratings).
  • Each member has a personalised information page that lists key information, contact details, website and directions.
  • Members are encouraged to log in and update their information, which automatically updates the chamber’s database and online listing at the same time.

Enhanced Listing

  • This is a great opportunity for you and your members. You can now sell this as a marketing proposition to your members. Every Enhanced Listing you sell, means revenue for you, but with the added benefit of increased exposure for your member. Enhanced Listing sponsors receive:
    • Logo placement
    • Increased space for descriptions
    • Additional keywords
    • Bullet points to draw the visitors’ attention
    • Up to 8 photos and 1 YouTube video
    • Priority placement above Basic Listings

Online Advertising

  • Banners capture attention and drive direct response. They’re an integral piece of any marketing campaign. As you add multiple sponsors, their ads will simply appear in rotation on the appropriate pages.
    • Banners can be added to any page of your website; banner placement is preloaded on all the website pages, such as your Business Directory and Events Calendar
    • Banner ads link to the member’s profile page or their own website, in fact it can point to anything on the internet
    • Stats to track advertising effectiveness come in handy when ads are up for renewal
    • Banner advertisers receive top-priority placement and their business is highlighted

Online Advertising Sales Assistance

  • Don’t have time to sell advertising but want that additional revenue? Let us build your online member marketing channel for you. We have an Internet Marketing team that personally assists associations in executing website sponsorship programs and focus on boosting your chamber and your members’ presence online.

Member Page Example

Website Solutions and Integration

Website Design Options

Our professional web designers and developers are experienced in designing websites for chambers of commerce and member-based associations. Our designs incorporate best practices, such as clean, simple layouts with an easy-to-use navigation system.

Integrating Into Your Existing Site

Not everyone needs or wants a new website. We’re delighted to work with you to integrate ChamberMaster or MemberZone components into your existing website.

Member Retention

Serve and Empower Your Members is more than just a slogan for us. Our member management software will help your members stay ahead in a changing business environment. We provide stress-free solutions that members value. On top of that, it is all backed by our training and support services. Offer your members the opportunity to attract new business, using our revenue-generation tools. Here are just a few ways we help you measure up to increasingly high standards.

  • Send and track referrals to drive leads to members
  • Provide a member profile page for each business to advertise their services
  • Use banner ads to promote businesses throughout your site
  • Offer business directory listing enhancements to make members’ online listing stand out
  • Automatically send Newsletters and Hot Deal updates to subscribers
  • Offer member-to-member discounts and Hot Deals
  • Promote member and community events
  • Route leads generated from your website info request forms
  • Advertise sponsorships per event
  • Enable online bill payment for members and events
  • Interact with members using member information center; allows members to network
  • Provide online maps to find members and businesses in an area
  • Reach on-the-go consumers with our Mobile app and mobile website
  • Automatically publish Hot Deals, jobs, news, events and new members to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Visitors can share website information on their social networking sites
  • Use SmartText to send mass text messages to specific lists by interest

Not all features listed are in all versions. Ask us for detailed Pricing information.

Member Engagement Report

Social Networking Integration/Automation

ChamberMaster and MemberZone will automatically publish your events, hot deals, news, new members, and job postings to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You do need to have the Premier or Pro version, and have accounts on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

  • Track your members’ sites within their profile for reference
  • Share buttons allow site visitors to send or post events, hot deals or member details as a text message, email, or post to Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Members and staff can sync their software login to their Social Networking account to make it easier to log in

Social Networking Example

Mobile Application

Getting mobile right, is critical to your organization. ChamberMaster and MemberZone have several mobile options that are easy to add on. Going mobile will bolster member engagement and help customers to find member businesses.

  • ChamberMaster App (for staff)
  • MemberPlus App
  • Community App
  • MyChamberApp
  • Responsive Websites
Payment Processing

Integrated Payment Processing

Receiving payment from members by credit or debit card is a fundamental component of any Member Management Software Solution.

In addition, automatic payment processing is often expected in today’s world. This is especially important for Members who want to put their membership payment on “auto-pilot” and also for staff, who want to ensure that payments make it into the bank on time.

Top benefits:Member Payment Processing

  • Sign up and start processing cards right away – no API login or key needed
  • Process recurring payments and receive the payments immediately
  • Safe storage of payment card info for convenient checkout later for your members
  • Online, real-time statements and bank deposit reports
  • No manual matching of credit card payments with invoices – all payments will automatically be applied to the correct invoice
  • Inclusive pricing – All features, integrated, single point of support – one simple rate!
  • No setup fees or extra steps to take – all features are available immediately and integrate fully

Cloud software for member management

Business Membership Organisations (BMO’s), such as Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations, across the world are facing a decline in membership numbers. Therefore they are constantly looking for ways to attract new members while retaining existing members. Today the world is defined by the term ‘Information Age.’ All BMO’s, both large and small, require effective and efficient member management solutions in order to continuously meet their members’ expectations. Furthermore they also want to gain a competitive advantage, and therefore be successful. For BMO’s to be successful, they need to reinvent the traditional approaches, and find ways to add value to members.

Ascendance is proud to be associated with one of the world leading organisations which provides Cloud based software member management solutions for Chambers of Commerce and Business Membership organisations. Micronet, a US based software company has developed ChamberMaster and MemberZone. Over the past 20 years, Micronet refined these solutions into the ultimate member management software which addresses the exact requirements for any Chamber of Commerce or Membership organisation. You will find it difficult to get a more comprehensive member management solution, at such an affordable price.

We understand that most BMO’s and Chambers of Commerce are non-profit organisations, therefore price is very likely to be one of your deciding factors to consider. ChamberMaster and MemberZone not only provides you with all the functionality you require to manage your membership organization, but also provides you with possible revenue generating opportunities using your website.