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Mobile Workforce Management

Smartphone and Cloud-Based Software Solutions for Any Business with Employees in the Field

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Mobile Workforce Management Solutions for all Industries

Mobile Workforce Management Software by Ascendance representing MobiWork South Africa
Discover our suite of smartphone and cloud-based mobile workforce management solutions:
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Powerful Mobile Workforce Management Features

Planning and Scheduling
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About Planning
MobiWork has the features to drastically simplify, optimise and bullet-proof the planning, scheduling and dispatching of your mobile workforce. In addition to Scheduling and Dispatching, you can also do Route Planning, Route Optimization and plan Recurrent Routes to manage field staff. Do Service Contract management down to customer level.

Management and Control

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About Management
MobiWork has comprehensive management capabilities. Streamline and optimise your day-to-day operations. Manage your Customer data. Furthermore you can manage Inventory, Products, WorkOrders, and Sales Orders. Finally, you can also set up your own Forms, manage your Assets, Invoices, and Payments with MobiWork.

Communicate & Notify

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About Communication
MobiWork notifications help you keep track of anything that requires your attention, in real-time. For example, any abnormal situation or just a simple reminder of an activity for the mobile worker. You can also ensure you know about very important Reminders, Alarms, Messages and mobile field staff Emergencies. Therefore you can really manage your Worker Protection while they are out in the field.

Analytics and Reporting

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About Reporting
MobiWork provides rich analytics and business intelligence features. Measure, analyse and monitor your key performance indicators and overall execution. Set up your own personal Dashboard to monitor and track employees in real-time. Know their Locations, Activities and performance at all times. Finally produce Reports, Sales Objectives and Job Costing sheets from the data you already have.
SmartPhone and Cloud-Based
mobile workforce management services pretoria east
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“Mobile First” native applications to manage your employees in the field. Mobiwork is built for Smartphones, Tablets and Rugged Devices. Field workers are able to Work Offline while Battery and Data Usage is optimised. The software is Deployed In Minutes. Mobiwork is Web Based which means Access From Anywhere at Anytime. MobiWork also has a Powerful cloud-based back-end for your office workforce.

Easy to Use and Quick to Learn
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MobiWork’s solutions are extremely powerful, yet very simple to learn and easy to use on a smartphone. A Streamlined User Interface with a Fast and Responsive Native Application. You can set up Step by Step Workflows and Deploy the software within Minutes on a web-based platform.

Configuration Frameworks (no coding required)

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Easily configure your business processes, business forms, workflows, reports and dashboards to meet any requirement. MobiWork provides powerful built-in configuration frameworks to easily configure the platform with no coding or technical knowledge required.

Best-In-Class Solutions on One Platform

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Mobiwork boasts a Carrier Grade Infrastructure. The software is Safe & Secure with added Privacy Protection. Mobiwork’s architecture is Superior and Innovative (3 US patents). The Technology is Open, Extensible and based on Standards, which consequently means you get a Scalable Architecture which is Available Worldwide. Mobiwork is Carrier and Platform Agnostic, so you can run on any mobile operator’s infrastructure.
API’s and Connectors Framework
MobiWork manage field staff and integrate with software connectors

MobiWork (a mobile Workforce Management Software) can easily connect with your existing software to provide an end-to-end solution. Integration truly built for fieldwork and for smartphones. The Connectors Framework helps with rapid integration of cloud and on-premise software. The Mobiwork API is Secure and based on accepted Standards to ensure you are able to integrate with your accounting software or CRM.



















*Ascendance is the authorised Platinum Distributor for MobiWork products in Africa.