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What is Cloud?

what is cloud computing?

‘The Cloud’ also known as Cloud Computing is far from being a new concept and has evolved from only being “computing”. Ascendance helps you make sense of what “cloud” means for you and your business. Many definitions of cloud computing exist, but in simple terms “the cloud” refers to the practice of using a network of remote servers (computers) hosted on the Internet (in data centers) to store, manage, and process data, rather than using a local (on own premises) server or a personal computer.

The Cloud can almost be compared with a “pay-as-you-go” IT System, delivered over the internet, built on a secure (and sometimes shared) infrastructure resulting in cost-effectiveness. The idea of paying for IT as a utility (such as electricity) was originally suggested in the 1960s, but only now in the 21st century with the availability of super-fast broadband networks across the world, has technology caught up with this concept.

These “pay-as-you-go” or Cloud systems, come in many different forms and sizes; ranging from basic email services to an entire suite of office and productivity applications. Not even to mention some of the biggest cost items such as servers and those “regular” backups that need to be done by the IT expert and then taken off-site. Services that you never thought of being “cloud capable” are now providing small businesses with large business solutions, such as Mobile Workforce Management, PBX in the Cloud and Cloud Backups or even Servers.

In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that aside from a locally installed desktop operating system and browser (or increasingly, from a single mobile device) a lot of today’s small business technology needs can be fulfilled almost completely with cloud-based offerings.

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benefits of cloud solutions

The benefits of Cloud Solutions are multiple and will vary for each business, but it is safe to say that Cloud computing has proven a “windfall” to especially small businesses, where it hits a pretty sweet spot. With cloud services, small businesses reap the benefits of not having to deploy physical infrastructure like file and e-mail servers, storage systems or shrink-wrapped software.

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cloud solutions concerns

Of course, “clouds bring rain” and Cloud Computing raises concerns with some, about security, stability, speed and data ownership. A recent survey found that cloud computing adoption rates drastically increased since 2009; however, the same survey also revealed concerns over efficiently managing disparate cloud services. Exactly the reason you require a “Cloud Integrator” such as Ascendance – to provide you with the best Cloud Computing Services

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cloud computing south africa

Many people complain that the concept of cloud computing is merely a marketing term to define centralized, mainframe computing. However, the model of today’s cloud computing vastly differs from that of mainframes of the past.

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